About us

A warm welcome to The Hoooman, your prime destination for when it comes to fulfilling your every need in a personalized manner. Our very specific catalog can give you a great many options to peruse through in a certain chemical-free product range. Our specialized organic cotton products are dedicated to giving you the greatest shopping experience with a prime focus on sustainable wearing less with premium quality, uniqueness, reliability, and customer service.

What makes The Hoooman special is the idea to provide the greatest shopping experience at highly affordable prices foregoing the middleman. This is one of the highlighting features that allows the consumers to order and receive the products directly from the core of the manufacturers. The Hoooman experience involves being an even better human with a streamlined vision of helping people and keeping this essence of humanity alive by ensuring that nothing that does not justify its respectability is a part of the process at any point.

What brought this on in the first place? It was an idea that collided with the minds of a few creators who utilized their technical and management backgrounds to make a ground-breaking discovery in terms of delivery of quality durable apparel with a charismatic finesse. This entire experience was rationalized towards ensuring the supreme quality of the fabric, textiles, and incomparable feel.  

In the end, we must ensure that what you see, order, buy, and experience is completely from the roots within India from resources and raw materials, manufacturing, and staff, to finished products with a MADE IN INDIA guarantee.

The Hoooman is an exclusive brand and banner that gives more benefit and power to the consumer, where customer foremost is the practiced motto.

Be the Hoooman, embrace Hooomanity!